MS 6-5: Structural and Thermal Retrofitting of Buildings

Oliver Englhardt, University of Technology, Graz, Austria

Oliver Englhardt    


In the last decades retrofitting requirements are increasing in terms of earthquake safety, fire protection, thermal protection and other functional qualities of buildings. Retrofitting of buildings is one of the most effective actions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, according to IEA and IPCC.

Building actions are shifting from new buildings to retrofitting measures and this trend is likely to intensify in future.

This Mini Symposium will provide the opportunity to disseminate and discuss concepts and experiences in the areas of structural engineering and building physics.

Special topics are
- Structural Retrofitting
- Thermal Retrofitting: Aspects of Building Physics
- Cross-Sectional topics of structural engineering and building physics
- Integrated Design Process
- Lifetime optimisation


Sustainable retrofitting solutions for precast concrete residential buildings
A. Botici, V. Ungureanu, A. Ciutina, D. Dubina

A comparison of three schools renovated to the Passive House standard
G. Kopeinig

New envelopes for old buildings - The potential of using membrane systems for the thermal retrofitting of existing buildings
W. Lang, T. Rampp, K. Puchta, J. Cremers, A. Beck, M. Binder

Indicators for sustainability assessment of renewables
P. Schaumann, A. Bechtel, H. Wagner, C. Baack, J. Lohmann, N. Stranghöner, J. Berg

Sustainable thermal retrofitting solutions for multi-story residential buildings
V. Ungureanu, A. Ciutina, D. Dubina