MS 6-4: Life Cycle Cost Analysis and Risk Analysis for buildings

Thomas Lützkendorf, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany

Susanne Geissler, Austrian Sustainable Building Council, Vienna, Austria

Thomas Lützkendorf    Susanne Geissler    


This Mini-Symposium is part of the topic "Life-Cycle-Analysis of buildings" and the findings of all parts will be brought together in a special session.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis and Risk Analysis are topics of growing importance in the building sector. Sustainable buildings are targeting on optimising costs taking the entire life cycle of the building into account. Here the question arises whether sustainable buildings are generating significantly higher investment costs.
Different methodologies have been developed for the evaluation of LCC and the assessment of risks.

This Mini Symposium provides the opportunity to disseminate and discuss experiences regarding economic aspects of Risk Analysis and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of residential and non residential buildings. We welcome contributions which address the challenge of optimising cost parameters, taking into account cultural and social aspects.

Special topics are
- Methodological approaches of Life-Cycle-Cost Analysis for new buildings, existing buildings and refurbishments
- Approaches for Risk Analysis of buildings
- Cost-optimum methodologies
- Optimisation strategies of the Life Cycle Cost Performance for new and existing buildings
- Interrelationship of Life Cycle Cost and Environmental Life Cycle Impact


OPIK-International – An international comparison of single life cycle processes in hospitals
M. Banedj-Schafii, K. Lennerts

Impact of semitransparent building-integrated photovoltaics on building life-cycle cost
K. Fath, J. Stengel, F. Schultmann, S. Mende, H. Wilson, T. Kuhn

Specific life cycle cost indicators and design recommendations for life cycle cost optimized buildings
H. Floegl

Life cycle cost analysis of building components and materials used in hospitals
T. Halder, H. Kreiner, A. Passer

Life cycle cost method for the early design phase of non-residential buildings
G. Hofer, M. Grim, B. Herzog

The use of life cycle analysis for planning and assessment of construction works – Topics and trends
T. Lützkendorf

Risk management and robustness as part of sustainability assessment
P. Maydl, D. Schulter

Life cycle assessment and construction costs of a low energy residential building
M. Paleari, M. Lavagna, A. Campioli

Combined database for LCC, LCA and life cycle quality
T. Schrag, E. Stocker, C. Wartha, E. Hasler, H. Leindecker

Life cycle assessment of a passive house and a semi passive house - Comparative study based on practical experiences
D. Stoian, T. Dencsák, S. Pescari, I. Botea

Thinking future with risk management - A substantial tool of life cycle management
E. Waldauer, R. Stempkowski