MS 5-4: Towards Sustainable Dams and Embankments

Martin Wieland, Poyry Energy Ltd, Z├╝rich, Switzerland

Wei Wu, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Martin Wieland    Wei Wu    


Concrete and embankment dams belong to the most important infrastructure for energy production, irrigation and flood control. Dams and have lasting impact on the landscape, catchment, land-use, settlements, social life and living standard. As the source for clean energy and water, dams play an important role for a better and safer world. However, the negative aspects of large environmental impact have led to serious conflicts about future projects. After the recent nuclear accident in Japan, many governments are looking for alternative energy resources. We believe that well engineered hydropower can be an alternative to cover some of our energy needs. Moreover, reservoirs become increasingly important to provide inhabitants, industry and agriculture with much needed water.

This mini-symposium will provide a forum to discuss some relevant issues for sustainable concrete and embankment dams. The topics of interest will be:

- Dam engineering including geological and hydrogeological siting, analysis and design;
- Environmental impacts and cost-benefit analysis;
- Ecology, economy and society aspects;
- Operation, maintenance and best practice;
- Natural hazards related to dams and embankments, such as landslides, earthquakes and floods.


Reliability analysis for rainfall stability of municipal solid waste landfills on slope
F. Huang, G. Wang

Life cycle assessment of Tuttle Creek dam seismic retrofit
J. Hubler, P. Gallagher, S. Spatari

Life-cycle performance of a concrete shear-wall structure
M. Shah

Effect of geogrid in rockfill dams during strong earthquakes
E. Soranzo, W. Wu, M. Wieland

Safety aspects of sustainable storage dams
M. Wieland