MS 3-5: Structural Retrofitting for Maintenance and Rehabilitation

Andreas Unterweger, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Andreas Unterweger    


In the industrialized countries maintenance and rehabilitation of existing buildings are the biggest challenge for the next decades. Deterioration, natural hazards like earthquakes and elevated loads have to be taken into account for the reservation and safety of aging buildings.

An efficient connection between the existing and the attached structure by post installed fastenings is the key to accept this challenge in an economic and environment friendly way.

This Mini-Symposium provides the opportunity to present and discuss the research of structural retrofitting systems or their application in current site projects.


Strengthening and repair of damaged structural elements of revitalized apartment, public service and industrial buildings from the turn of the 19th and 20th century in Poland
P. Berkowski, G. Dmochowski

The functional-structural rehabilitation of a building belonging to the archaeological industrial heritage
B. Faggiano, L. Fiorino

Construction rating attempt under life-cycle design
D. Grecea, M. Georgescu, M. Szitar

Tension stiffening of RC members subject to biaxial tensile stresses
W. Ibrahim, J. Hegger, A. Sherif

Behavior of interfaces in repaired/strengthened RC elements subjected to cyclic actions: Experiments and modeling
V. Palieraki, E. Vintzileou, C. Zeris

Damage due to traffic before and after rehabilitation of a reinforced concrete bridge
M. Pircher, J. Wagner, B. Lechner, A. Kammersberger

Rehabilitation of existing structures by optimal placement of viscous dampers
A. Pricopie, D. Cretu

Experimental and numerical investigation of model tests strengthened by overlays
Y. Theiner, M. Aschaber, G. Hofstetter

Post installed fastenings at retrofitting systems in Japan
A. Unterweger, Y. Nakano, K. Bergmeister

Strengthening of historical stone masonry buildings: Experimental testing and modeling of a 2-storey plain masonry building
E. Vintzileou, H. Mouzakis, C. Adami, L. Karapitta