SS 2-1: Management of Existing Building Stocks

Carolin Bahr, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Karlsruhe, Germany

Carolin Bahr    


More than 75 % of the real estate that will be needed in 2020, are already covered by
existing building stocks. Therefore maintaining and increasing value of existing real estate is
one of the major challenges in future!

Topics of the session are:
- Maintaining existing real estates
- Maintenance budgeting
- Maintenance strategies
- Renovation or demolition?
- Sustaining or greening the existing building stock
- Portfolio Management
- Analyzing and quantifying condition of real estates
- Stocktaking
- Service life of building components


Seismic insurance market for the Italian building stock
D. Asprone, F. Jalayer, S. Simonelli, G. Manfredi

The challenge of existing building stocks
C. Bahr, J. Bossmann, K. Lennerts

MultiMap – A tool for strategic analysis of building portfolios
S. Bjørberg, A. Larssen, C. Listerud

Cost-benefits and environmental impact of seismic retrofit for low-rise reinforced concrete buildings
C. Chiu

The Bridge-Management-System (BMS) in Germany as a basis for life cycle considerations
R. Holst

LCC as a decision tool for strategic development of the public building portfolio: A Norwegian case study
T. Meistad, M. Støre Valen

Decision aiding & multi criteria optimization for existing buildings holistic retrofit
M. Rivallain, P. Leger, O. Baverel, B. Peuportier