SS 4-3: Increasing Durability of Concrete Structures

Jan L. Vítek, Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Jan L. Vítek    


The durability of concrete structures is an important issue in contemporary design. An application of advanced materials and suitable technological processes may significantly contribute to the improvement of the quality of concrete structures and to their durability. Increasing strength of concrete has an influence on its resistance to environmental effects. Higher quality of materials, correct reinforcement and suitable technology of production lead to reduction of cracking. The working joints and its positions significantly influence the performance of watertight structures and of dynamically loaded structures. The detailing of reinforcement belongs to the significant factors influencing cracking and durability. Fibre reinforcement (steel and non-ferrous) may contribute to improvement of performance of concrete in different ways.

The session will be focused of the following topics:
1. Application of HSC and UHPC
2. Application of FRC
3. Casting process on the site
4. Influence of hydration heat
5. Cracking of concrete structures

The session will show practical examples and will summarise the experience from the presented structures.


Design of concrete structures for durability
J. Bilcik, I. Holly

Durability design of structural cover concrete based on bleeding rate
Y. Kato, K. Hayakawa

Improvement of performance of concrete precast elements using FRC
A. Kohoutkova

Increasing concrete resistance to deicing chemicals by using metakaolin
P. Máca, D. Jandeková, R. Sovják, P. Konvalinka

Impact of cracks on the durability and on the service-life of fiber reinforced ultra-high performance concrete – Evaluation, modeling and structural measures
M. Schmidt, A. Rafiee

Influential variabilities in reliability of reinforced concrete pipes
J. Silva, M. El Debs

Life-cycle considerations for reinforced concrete structures in case of fire with respect to spalling
F. Tabeling, P. Schaumann , F. Cramer, D. Dinkler, C. Albrecht, D. Hosser

High performance concrete for the Troja Bridge in Prague
J. Vitek, R. Coufal