SS 4-2: Fatigue of Concrete - Experiments, Models, Applications

Stanislav Seitl, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Brno, Czech Republic

Zbyněk Keršner, Brno University of Technology, Brno, Czech Republic

Radomír Pukl, Červenka Consulting, Prague, Czech Republic

Dobromil Pryl, Červenka Consulting, Prague, Czech Republic

Stanislav Seitl    Zbyněk Keršner    Radomír Pukl    Dobromil Pryl    


Fatigue damage of concrete is an important problem in long-term resistance and durability of concrete and reinforced concrete structures subjected to cyclic loading as railway sleepers, anchoring regions of prestressed bridges, or fundaments of wind power plants. Although fatigue, in particular testing of fatigue properties and modelling of material and structural response, is a well-covered topic for metals and similar materials, for concrete (and many other materials commonly used in civil engineering as masonry, timber, or composites) appropriate testing methods or numerical models giving reliable prediction of fatigue damage and fatigue crack growth are still under development, and there are only few experimental data available.

This special session will concentrate on fatigue behaviour of concrete and similar (cementitious, quasi-brittle) civil engineering materials, especially

- testing methods and fatigue tests for various types of cyclic loading (primarily in tension or in bending)
- fracture mechanics under fatigue load - measurement of fracture properties, numerical modelling
- evaluation of test results, approximation of S/N curves for concrete and cementitious materials
- numerical material models for fatigue crack initiation and development, or other damage caused by cyclic loading
- design and assessment of structures subjected to significant cyclic loads (applications, case studies)


Experimental investigation of transitional size effect and crack length effect in concrete fracture
C. Hoover, Z. Bazant, R. Wendner, J. Vorel, M. Hubler, K. Kim, M. Gattu, K. Kirane, J. Le, Q. Yu

Experimental study on fatigue durability of RC road bridge decks subjected to chloride induced deterioration
I. Iwaki

Numerical modeling of crack growth in quasibrittle structures under compressive fatigue
J. Le, J. Eliáš

Modelling high-cycle fatigue of concrete specimens in three point bending
D. Pryl, R. Pukl, J. Červenka

Damage evolution in concrete under high compressive cyclic loadings
A. Rogge, M. Thiele

Fatigue crack growth in cement based composites: Experimental aspects
S. Seitl, Z. Knésl, H. Šimonová, Z. Keršner

Fatigue and cumulative damage of concrete grain silos
G. Vlaicu, T. Pascu

Study on wind-induced fatigue of transmission tower-line in hilly terrain wind field
Z. Wang, Z. Li, C. Zhang, P. Deng