MS 4-4: Application of Special Non-Destructive Testing Methods to different kind of Structures

Michael Reiterer, RED Bernard GmbH – Research & Development, Vienna, Austria

Michael Reiterer    


In the last decades many special non-destructive testing methods has been developed and they are applied to different kind of structures. For instance, the application of "Ultrasonic Guided Waves" and "Acoustic Emission" methods has increased enormeous and such methods are used for non-destructive testing of bridges and structures of aviation.

The Mini-Symposium provides the opportunity to present and discuss the application of special non-destructive testing methods to different kind of Structures.


Low-cost sensor for integrated durability monitoring and life-cycle assessment of reinforced concrete structures
A. Holst, H. Budelmann

Development of a virtual reality-based support system for bridge inspectors
S. Sawamura, A. Miyamoto

Modern acoustic NDT methods for the off- and online detection of damages in composite aeronautic structures
M. Scheerer, A. Peldszus, M. Stadtschnitzer, R. Wagner

Experimental modeling of fatigue processes to detect the real degree of deterioration
S. Urban, A. Strauss, M. Reiterer, W. Wagner

Damage process monitoring on the hot spot of a real steel component by means of ultrasonic guided waves
M. Vospernig, M. Reiterer, R. Heuer

Concrete fatigue monitoring on large scale structures using acoustic emission and an ultrasonic actuation and sensing system
R. Wagner, M. Reiterer, A. Strauss, S. Urban