MS 1-1: Life-cycle Cost Optimization in Cross Asset Management (ERA-NET Road projects)

Alan O´Connor, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Stefan Deix, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Vienna, Austria

Alan O´Connor    Stefan Deix    


In 2010 the road administrations of 13 European countries pooled research funds under the ERA NET Road frame preparing a Joint Research Programme. The overall aim of this call was to improve the management of the European road network. Seven projects were awarded in four different topic areas: 1. determine the requirements and expectations of stakeholders; 2. improve understanding of asset performance; 3. the development and use of Performance Indicators for managing the network; 4. cross-asset optimization. This Mini Symposium aims at disseminating and discussing the project findings in the field of Life-cycle Cost Optimization in Cross Asset Management from the perspective of the different ERA NET Road projects.


Bayesian identification of uncertainties in chloride ingress modeling into reinforced concrete structures
E. Bastidas-Arteaga, F. Schoefs, S. Bonnet, A. O’connor

From road asset management to cross asset optimization procedures
S. Deix, K. Alten, A. Weninger-Vycudil

Development of procedures for cross-asset management for road infrastructure
A. O'Connor, S. Deix, V. Pakrashi

A holistic life cycle approach for traffic infrastructure
J. Sauer, S. Xalter, O. Fischer, S. Freudenstein

Cross asset management procedures in practice
A. Weninger-Vycudil, S. Deix, K. Gragger, J. Litzka

Cost effective maintenance to supply end user value - visionary or utopic
J. Wessels, M. Turk, S. Škarić Palić, K. Alten