MS 2-1: Life-Cycle Cost Analyses

Hans Georg Jodl, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

Peter Veit, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria

Johann Glatzl, Austrian Federal Railway, Vienna, Austria

Thomas Simandl, Austrian Federal Railway, Vienna, Austria

Hans Georg Jodl    Peter Veit    Johann Glatzl    Thomas Simandl    


Life-cycle cost analyses are important for developing technically based and economically justified strategies. One the one hand types of bridges to be invested in future can be identified on the other hand the optimal point of time for renewal needs to be fixed. For identifying the point of time of renewal the right measure for existing objects, either executing further maintenance actions or already renewing the object must be chosen. The main parameters for these models are the utilization time, investment cost, maintenance cost and the rate of interest. Furthermore speed restrictions as cost relevant consequences for the train operators should be taken into account.

Thus life-cycle cost models get more and more importance for the owner of the objects. Within this Mini-Symposium different models and strategies based on these models will be discussed. Furthermore the main parameters utilization time and possible maintenance work will be focused.


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