SS 1-5: Probabilistic Lifetime Assessment of Concrete Structures under Combined Environmental Attack

Robby Caspeele, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium

Nele De Belie, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium

Christoph Gehlen, University of Technology, Munich, Germany

Sylvia Kessler, University of Technology, Munich, Germany

Robby Caspeele    Nele De Belie    Christoph Gehlen    Sylvia Kessler    


The service life of concrete elements is strongly affected by different degradation mechanisms. Although numerous research results are available on individual degradation mechanisms such as chloride and sulphate penetration, the combined effect of different aggressive environments has not been studied intensively. Therefore, the proposed session will focus on:

- Modeling and experimental verification of combined attack on concrete structures, i.e. the modification of existing models to account for combined attack by e.g. chlorides and sulphates, carbonation and acid attack, etc. as well as the development of new models for these combined phenomena.
- Quantitative risk analyses related to the life time assessment of concrete structures exposed to (combined) environmental attack, i.e. focusing on distributional assumptions, stochastic parameters, possible Bayesian updating based on additional laboratory or in-situ testing, etc.
- Decision making related to the life-cycle performance of structures exposed to (combined) environmental attack.


Influence of sulphates on chloride diffusion and the effect of this on service life prediction of concrete in a submerged marine environment
M. Maes, R. Caspeele, P. Van Den Heede, N. De Belie

Effect of internal freeze-thaw deterioration on chloride migration in concrete
C. Milachowski, S. Keßler, R. Chillé, C. Gehlen

Chloride diffusion tests as experimental basis for full probabilistic service life prediction and life cycle assessment of concrete with fly ash in a submerged marine environment
P. Van Den Heede, M. Maes, R. Caspeele, N. De Belie

Probabilistic lifetime assessment of concrete structures in consideration of combined deterioration mechanisms and singular risks
M. Vogel, H. Müller

Life time prediction for concrete repair measures
A. Wachsmann, H. Budelmann

Influence of combined mechanical and environmental loads on service life of reinforced concrete structures
F. Wittmann, F. Jiang, X. Wan, P. Zhang, T. Zhao