SS 1-4: Probabilistic Durability Assessment of Concrete Structures

Drahomír Novák, Brno University of Technology, Brno, Czech Republic

Břetislav Teplý, Brno University of Technology, Brno, Czech Republic

Drahomír Novák    Břetislav Teplý    


One of the methods of carrying out the performance-related design of concrete structures is the use of predictive models. Such models are needed to specify the performance characteristics of the material and to estimate how its resistance will change over time. It is of great importance to check the probability limit conditions and assessing the service life - an important aspect, i.e. the aspect of time is introduced. This means that structures should be designed/assessed for structural safety and serviceability for a defined number of years. Therefore the probabilistic safety format is introduced as an alternative for partial factor design. The broader choice of computational models is useful. Moreover, the readiness of effective models for both the initiation as well as the propagation period may enable to verify the SLS and/or ULS for concrete structure in different time steps considering the change of performance in time due to degradation. The usefulness of effective degradation modeling and hence a reliable assessment for durability may bring positive economical and sustainability impacts. The developed software tool may serve to facilitate the effective decision making of designers and clients. The aim of proposed session is to discuss the possibility of computational modeling and all related aspects of probabilistic durability assessment of concrete structures.


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