SS 1-1: Life-Cycle Engineering Tools for Risk-Based Decision under Uncertainty

Christian F. Cremona, Commissariat Général au Développement Durable, Paris, France

André D. Orcesi, French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Paris, France

Helena Gervásio, University of Coimbra, Department of civil engineering, Coimbra, Portugal

Christian F. Cremona    André D. Orcesi    Helena Gervásio    


Due to the progressive degradation of materials, increase in traffic loads, and natural hazards, bridges may experience some deterioration during their service life and need significant maintenance/rehabilitation actions. There is a huge interest in considering the performance of new superstructures in a life-cycle cost/assessment analysis and optimizing their design and conception by taking into account the overall service life period, from the design/construction to the demolition of the structure. Economical and environmental impacts of construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, demolition need to be considered in the optimization design problem to ensure that new bridges satisfy financial and environmental objectives/constraints.

This special session aims at considering sustainability by means of a holistic approach combining life-cycle assessment, life-cycle cost, and life-cycle performance analyses.


Vulnerability analysis of a park of small dams to natural hazards through a GIS
K. Bouzelha, H. Hammoum, F. Saradouni, M. Fernane, S. Lounnas

A probabilistic approach for life-cycle environmental analysis of motorway bridges
H. Gervásio, L. Simões Da Silva

Life-cycle design of concrete bridges
T. Kovács, L. Laczák

Relative performance concepts – A new approach in life-cycle management of concrete structures
L. Lohaus, J. Gerlach

A stochastic ageing model for life-cycle assessment
M. Petschacher

Stochastic model for degrading infrastructure systems
M. Sanchez Silva, J. Riascos-Ochoa, G. Klutke

A comparative life-cycle cost analysis of steel-concrete composite bridges
N. Ta, A. Orcesi, C. Cremona

DIOGEN: Environmental impact database for life cycle assessment of civil engineering structures
Y. Tardivel, C. Tessier

Model for negotiation of refinancing gain from public-private partnership
L. Zhu, D. Kim Huat Chua