SS 3-1: Structural Health Monitoring of Civil Infrastructures in a Life-Cycle Analysis

Christian F. Cremona, Commissariat Général au Développement Durable, Paris, France

André D. Orcesi, French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Paris, France

Alexis Courtois, EDF DTG, Lyon, France

Christian F. Cremona    André D. Orcesi    Alexis Courtois    


The paradigm of structural health monitoring is based on the development of reliable and robust indicators able to detect, locate, quantify and predict damage. In the context of ageing, structural degradation, increasing loads, and natural hazards, stakeholders have to satisfy serviceability and safety constraints, under uncertainty and limited financial resources. In this context, one important objective is to analyze cost benefit aspects of structural monitoring, and develop monitoring based indicators.

The aim of this special session is to present recent advances in the integration of structural health monitoring in a life-cycle analysis. The objective is to encompass aspects of data acquisition, processing and control, data visualization and reporting, data post-processing and management in a life-cycle analysis by complying with the desired performance not only at the initial stage when infrastructures are supposed to be in the intact state, but also during their expected life-cycle.


High precision structural health monitoring system using wireless sensor networks
A. Araujo, F. Tirado, J. García, J. Blesa

In service inspection of reinforced concrete cooling towers – EDF’s feedback
A. Courtois, Y. Genest, F. Afonso, E. Diday, A. Orcesi

Automated geomatic system for monitoring historical buildings during tunneling in Roma, Italy
M. Crespi, F. Giannone, M. Marsella, A. Sonnessa

A vibration-based framework for structural health monitoring of railway bridges
W. Guo, A. Orcesi, C. Cremona, J. Santos, S. Yang, L. Dieleman

Force monitoring with contact free elasto-magnetic sensors on single strands for multi strand anchorages
A. Märzluft, W. Brand

A SHM framework comprising real time data validation
J. Santos, P. Silveira