MS 4-1: Seismic System Identification for Life-Time-Prediction (SEISMID)

Helmut Wenzel, VCE – Vienna Consulting Engineers, Vienna, Austria

Peter Furtner, VCE – Vienna Consulting Engineers, Vienna, Austria

Helmut Wenzel    Peter Furtner    


The behaviour of masonry under seismic loads has recently become of great interest. New methods for design and analysis, as well as for resistance, have been developed. The main focus has been on experimental and analytical research for the development of new brick material and mortar. With the introduction of Eurocode 8, the behaviour of old masonry structures under seismic load became an interesting topic for engineers. In particular, the available resistance capacity of existing masonry structures is highly relevant to the restructuring of existing buildings.

SEISMID is a research project funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency with partners from the US, Japan, Germany and Austria. The main focus of the projects is on the seismic assessment of old masonry buildings, especially the so called "Wiener Gründerzeithäuser". Topics covered by the project:

(a)   Seismic zonation by the use of satellite images
(b)   Seismic microzonation based on field measurements
(c)   Laboratory testing of typical Vienna masonry
(d)   Modelling of the seismic behaviour of Vienna masonry
(e)   Assessment of Masonry buildings based on measurements

The research project was finished by the end of 2010. The mini-symposium intends to give an overview on the research results and to propose an applicable approach for the seismic assessment of old masonry buildings.


Assessment of the global dynamic behavior of a historic residential brick-masonry building in Vienna
G. Achs, C. Adam

Seismic capacity of old masonry buildings in Vienna: Laboratory testing on bricks, mortar, and small-scale brick masonry
T. Furtmüller, C. Adam, C. Niederegger

Seismic capacity of old masonry buildings in Vienna: Numerical modeling of load-bearing brick masonry walls
T. Furtmüller, C. Adam

The assessment of soil-structure-interaction by measurements
F. Kopf, A. Bekö, D. Schäfer, M. Pietsch, L. Rossbacher

Measurement principles for masonry buildings
F. Kopf, D. Schäfer, M. Pietsch

Remote sensing and GIS contribution to earthquake disaster preparedness in the Vienna area
B. Theilen-Willige, H. Wenzel, P. Furtner

Evaluation of the safety index of old masonry buildings in Vienna: Non-linear analysis based on seismic capacity
T. Zimmermann, A. Strauss