MS 3-2: Monitoring and Assessment of Bridges using Novel Techniques

Alfred Strauss, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Dan M. Frangopol, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA

Alfred Strauss    Dan M. Frangopol    


Assessment and monitoring concepts for bridges become more and more important in the intervention planning (e.g., maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, replacement) for new and existing bridges. Nevertheless, there is still a strong demand for the development and efficient use of novel techniques for monitoring and assessment of bridges.

This Mini-Symposium provides the opportunity to disseminate and discuss novel techniques regarding assessment, monitoring and maintenance techniques of bridges.


Structural health monitoring system using recurrence quantification analysis of ambient vibration
H. Furuta, Y. Nomura, K. Nakatsu, K. Yoshida

Some difficult monitoring problems and some interesting outcomes
B. Harvey, H. Harvey

Dynamic testing and structural identification of "New People´s bridge" in Verona
K. Islami, A. Bisson, F. Casarin, C. Modena

A year-long monitoring using in-service vibration data from a multi-span plate-Gerber bridge
C. Kim, S. Kitauchi, K. Sugiura, M. Kawatani

Optimised monitoring concepts for historical masonry arch bridges
A. Krawtschuk, O. Zeman, A. Strauss, C. Scheidl, D. Proske

Bayesian forecasting of structural bending capacity of aging bridges based on dynamic linear model
D. Lu, X. Fan

Service life management of infrastructure systems – Application of corrosion and moisture monitoring
T. Mayer, C. Sodeikat

Structural monitoring of a steel bridge with the longest arch span in Poland – Selected issues
H. Onysyk

New approaches in evaluating vibration and physical monitoring techniques
M. Österreicher, A. Strauss, K. Bergmeister, L. Ibáñez

Maintenance life-cycle analysis for bridges of Egnatia motorway, Northern Greece, based on seismic risk assessment
P. Panetsos, A. Liolios, K. Liolios, N. Theodoulidis, P. Spyridis

Prediction of fatigue damage accumulation in metallic structures by the estimation of strains from operational vibrations
C. Papadimitriou, E. Lourens, G. Lombaert, G. De Roeck, K. Liu

Reliability-based inspection planning with application to orthotropic bridge deck structures subjected to fatigue
R. Schneider, S. Thöns, D. Straub

Probabilistic fatigue crack growth modeling for reliability-based inspection planning
R. Schneider, S. Thöns, D. Straub

Detection of traffic loads by structural and geodetic measurements
C. Von Der Haar, S. Marx, M. Hansen, H. Neuner